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Short description: Reorder the pin configuration of I2C, 1-Wire, analogue etc. with this 5-pin switchboard.

Intended for any fitting wire and standard pin header.

Problem: Often sensors or other connectors have another pin configuration as exists on your MCU or PCB.

Solution: Instead of crossing the cabled wires from the one end to the other of the cable, can you now use standard cables together with this 5-pin switchboard. You get a standard for your connectors up to the MCU / PCB. It becomes easier to implement and switch the sensors according to need. You can now also go on to use standard 1-to-1 cables for wiring, alias prefabricated standard cables.

4-pin Wireless

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Mini Wire Switchboard
Reorder the wires or pins of headers so it fits your controller by using this switchboard. Size: 26 x 16 x 1.6 mm

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5-pin Wireless

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8-pin Wireless

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10-pin Wireless

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12-pin Wireless

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